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Measuring machine for accurate measurement and scribing

Difficulties faced:
A&A Industries has expertise in the manufacture of aluminum and stainless steel vacuum tube components for use in the semiconductor industry. To ensure the accuracy of these components, A&A Industries needs to implement comprehensive quality management at every step.

Hexagon's solution:
Two Group measuring machines from Hexagon Metrology: one SCIROCCO and one new gantry measuring machine DELTA HA, both of which are placed on the production site. The measuring machine is an important part of the implementation of the quality commitment, ensuring that all manufacturing parts of A&A Industries meet the requirements of the customer.
SCIROCCO is a high precision, high speed coordinate measuring system designed for process control.
DELTA measurements are primarily used for process testing. When a workpiece is machined, it will be transported to the measuring machine where the operator will run the workpiece inspection program using PC-DMIS universal measurement software. The tolerance requirements will vary from 0.03 to a few microns depending on the specific workpiece.
For A&A, another added value of the DELTA measuring machine is that it can be used for scribing. Many large welded parts require welding according to their shape, but due to their irregular shape, proper positioning is very difficult. The fixture is more expensive to process, and the operator uses the DELTA measuring machine to scribe the workpiece. The welding department then positions according to the scribe line. Evans expects A&A Industries to save tens of thousands of dollars by using the measuring machine for scribing workpieces.

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