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Hexagon articulated arms provide a wide range of measurement applications for automobiles


The ROMER RA75 series of absolute arm measuring machines can assist customers in solving a series of testing problems in welding fixtures, inspection tools and parts inspection.

Hexagon's ROMER 75 series absolute articulated arm measuring machine completes various tasks in the development and manufacturing of new products. This includes:

?Routine inspection of fixture assembly line accuracy to ensure white body consistency requirements;
?Accuracy testing of each group of welding, sub-welding assembly inspection tools and assembly inspection tools of the white body to ensure the dimensional accuracy of each inspection tool is reliable;
?Through the detection of the online fixture, it provides analytical data support for the production quality problems such as vehicle consistency and assembly difficulties, and gives the fixture deviation amount and adjustment scheme to ensure that the fixture positioning size is consistent with the digital model;
?Positioning and testing the body and some parts to ensure that the quality of the product is controllable;
?Check the accuracy of the newly developed welding fixtures and inspection tools to ensure that their accuracy meets the relevant requirements of the company's technical agreement.

 ROMER 75 series absolute articulated arm measuring new products

Recommended products

Global Mini Bridge Coordinate Measuring Machine

The Global mini is a smaller version of Global, with only one 03.04.03 model, designed for small-sized workpieces. At the same time, because its body size is small, the accuracy is higher than that of the ordinary Global measuring machine. It is a good choice for small size (such as watch parts, mobile phone components) and high-precision workpiece inspection.


Hexagon 6-axis absolute arm measuring machine

Professional contact measuring equipment with an entry-level 3D scanning option – the 6-axis absolute arm measuring machine has this performance, which is designed for move and use purposes, with unique technology at each joint Absolute encoders, which have led to high measurement accuracy on the market.

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