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Trimos HPD / HPA length measuring machine

HPA/HPD series can verify and calibrate various precision measuring tools, like block gauges, ring gauges, plug gauges, card gauges, thread gauges, spline gauges, watch types, and rulers. Trimos HPA / HPD length measuring machine can also detect a variety of precision internal and external dimensions, such as: gears, splines, proofing rods, non-scalar gauges.

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These devices can be used for testing and setup in the measurement room or manufacturing area. They are sturdy, easy to use, and very accurate due to their "one-piece" design: the specified measuring range and error limits are related to the total length of the device, ie directly from 0 to 3000 mm. No need to recalibrate or set the intermediate size (preset).

Overview of Trimos HPD / HPA length measuring machine

Standard configuration of length measuring machine

◆ A set of standard tungsten carbide measuring head HPA1
◆ Dust protection cover for length measuring machine
◆ Test report and operation manual

Features of Trimos HPD / HPA

? Ideal for manufacturing and manufacturing
? Fine adjustment on locking device and measuring slider
? Adjustable measuring force
? Measurement display
? Modular construction system
? Wide range of accessories
? Direct measurement over the entire measuring range
Dimensions of Trimos HPD / HPA length measuring machine
Check / calibrate large iron measuring screwCheck / calibrate large iron measuring screw Check / calibrate thread gaugeCheck / calibrate thread gauge Digital display for measuring forceDigital display for measuring force
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Trimos HPD / HPA length measuring machine

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