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TalyMaster Multi-Part High Precision Roundness Tester

TalyMaster pioneered a new measurement concept, a fully automatic inspection system integrating roughness, roundness and contour measurement.

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TalyMaster A brand new inspection concept

Multi-part measurement
Multifunctional parts
TalyMaster is specifically designed for high-throughput measurement needs and still meets the needs of batch inspection and research and development. Not only is this advanced inspection system capable of multi-component inspection, but it can inspect more than 50 components in a single measurement procedure without operator intervention. These functions greatly shorten the measurement cycle and reduce the operator's work time to facilitate other tasks.
Multi-tool machining, automation, and more flexible machine tools enable more complex assemblies to be processed while minimizing operating processes.

Simplified production interface
Advanced multi-part measurement
No matter what type or size of parts, you can use TalyMaster to achieve high throughput and eliminate inspection laboratory bottlenecks in one measurement. Different types of parts can be loaded on a single pallet, each of which has a clear measurement sequence and analysis at each independent location on the pallet.


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