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SmartScope ZIP 300 Image Measuring Instrument

SmartScope ZIP 300, fast and accurate video and multi-sensor image measuring instrument. OGP's SmartScope ZIP 300 has proven to be the video measurement system of choice for manufacturers due to its outstanding performance.

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Fast and accurate image measurement system

OGP's SmartScope ZIP 300 has proven to be the video measurement system of choice for manufacturers due to its outstanding performance. Nowadays, the lighting system composed of LEDs has greatly enhanced its video imaging effect. SmartScope ZIP300, as a device with multiple sensing functions, can be equipped with contact or non-contact probes, including a special switchable TTL laser.
■ Innovative handheld controller, which integrates the platform control joystick and other important operation controls, which is in line with ergonomic principles.
■ The DC servo motor drive has the performance of high-speed operation, and the cast-iron load-bearing structure ensures the stability and speciality of the measurement accuracy.
■ MeasureMind 3D multi-sensor measurement software makes full use of the 3D measurement environment. Its intuitive user interface combines complete geometric functions.
SmartScope ZIP 300 Image Measuring Instrument
■ FOV's fast image processing function and advanced automatic edge finding algorithm are used to improve the repeatability in practical applications, making video measurement easy.
■ SmartScope ZIP300 allows users to enjoy the benefits of multi-sensor measurement technology, such as various contact probes, lasers, miniature probes, etc., so as to fully realize the automatic measurement of complex parts in a single workpiece positioning.
Fast Full Field of View (FOV) processing
An image measurement system designed for everyday use relies on reliable, time-tested technology. OGP's SmartScope ZIP system has proven to be the main choice in many industrial sectors worldwide.

SmartScope ZIP combines hardware operation, optical performance and easy-to-use software to solve difficult non-contact measurement applications.

? AccuCentric auto-calibration zoom lens provides high-quality images of each part.
? Fast Full Field of View (FOV) processing, autofocus, and MeasureMind 3D software tool for detecting strong and weak edges simplify the measurement process.
? DC servo motor drive produces high-speed running effect, cast iron bracket guarantees stability and speciality of measurement.
? OGP's optional MeasureMind measurement package provides Windows-based software solutions for other dimensional measurement needs, including CAD conversion, contour comparison, custom reports and SPC analysis.
? OGP's additional SmartRing LED backlight, contact probe and probe adjuster, laser scanning detector, rotating stage, and MeasureMind 3D measurement software provide superior flexibility and multi-sensor technology.
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SmartScope ZIP 300 Image Measuring Instrument

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