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China International Mold Technology Overview


Due to the characteristics of the mold itself, modern mold enterprises mostly reflect the characteristics of technology intensive, capital-intensive and high-quality labor intensive and high social benefits. The mold manufacturing and measuring industry has become a part of the high-tech manufacturing industry.

Mold is an important basic process equipment in industrial production, and has the title of "mother of industry". More than 90% of the products of automobiles, consumer electronics, and home appliances (more than 95% of automobiles) are manufactured by molds. According to statistics in 2014, 210 billion molds support 23 trillion yuan of product manufacturing. The mold industry creates a large number of consumer goods for the national economy. The transformation and upgrading of the mold industry will play an active role in China's supply-side reform and consumer product transformation and upgrading.

China's mold manufacturing technology continues to develop in precision machining and agile manufacturing. Intelligent management technology will continue to be valued by enterprises in the next five years. With the pull of China's domestic demand and the cost-effective advantages of Chinese molds in international mold procurement, it can be expected that China's mold industry will still have a large growth. The sustainable development of China's mold industry is inseparable from the continuous upgrading of advanced processing and manufacturing equipment, advanced manufacturing software and advanced testing equipment.

Kinds of mold manufacturing

In the fierce international competition, the initiative to win development must implement independent innovation and own intellectual property rights strategy. In the context of economic globalization, the use of global innovation factors and resources to establish management system integration management innovation technical ideas have three main points:
(1) Create advanced service concepts and standards with independent innovation based on core content;
(2) To become a representative of Chinese enterprises to work hard to create a true "Chinese creation."
(3) It is necessary to shift from low added value to high added value, mainly relying on traditional production factors to more relying on, technical standards, scientific and technological progress, quality improvement of laborers and management innovation, from extensional extensive development to connotative intensive development. Transform, form a modern service economy industrial structure, and achieve innovation-driven transformation and development.

Fortunately, in many mold companies in China, R&D and innovation capabilities have been greatly improved, and many new technologies have also been widely used. The realization of the economic growth mode of the mold manufacturing industry depends more on technical standards, scientific and technological progress, the improvement of the quality of laborers and the transformation of management innovation. Achieving innovation-driven and modern service economic restructuring and transformation can only help improve the quality and efficiency of China's manufacturing economy.

Based on the interests of customers and the core technical considerations, LAB Gages Co., Ltd. has gathered domestic and international advanced testing technology and talents to create a solid and powerful testing system for customers, thus making the development of the entire industry.

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China International Mold Technology Overview
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